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Monday, March 02, 2009 at 18:54


I am wondering if anyone out there can help us. After 9 years a very nasty individual at The American Embassy has denied my wife entry into the USA. We have never had one problem in the 9 years traveling back and forth.

We usually stay 4/5 months there and the remainder of the year here, as I've said, we have been doing this for 9 solid years with no problem what-so-ever. That is, until now.

This rather unpleasant person told my wife that she would "never get a Tourist Visa again in her entire life". Why? We have no idea. She tried to explain to this "gentleman", that we are selling property there and also I just had a pretty serious operation and she needs to be there with me in case of an emergency and to settle matters property wise, to be able to move here.

We plan on living in Lima. He flatly refused to listen and to make matters worse, yelled at my wife telling her: "I have nothing else to say to you". "You will never get a Tourist Visa again". "Go to the next window". With that he shoved her documents at her and she had no choice but to see if anyone else would help her.

We plan on leaving Lima for North Carolina March 18th. That's when our flight leaves. I am a former Marine and I had thought some kind of professional courtesy applied, as I used to do the very same thing in London, England as they do here in Lima, Peru, at The American Embassy. Aparantly not.

If there is anyone out there that can help or, guide us through this very un-necessary "red tape", we would certainly appreaciate it. You can reach us at 225-9173 or by cell at 999-17-1987. Thanks for any help.


Robert & Gabriela Hasty

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